Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Monday, March 19, 2018

0550 hrs., 7800 block Riverdale Rd/ Assist the FBI with a search warrant and possible body attachment warrant.  The female they were looking for was not at the residence; however they executed the search warrant with no issues or problems.  Officers conducted a perimeter for safety.

0634 hrs., 7900 Block of Annapolis Rd/ Vehicle Accident, One vehicle overturned and one driver requested to go to the hospital for possible injuries.  Both vehicles were impounded due to them being inoperable.  Annapolis Rd Westbound was shut down temporarily and NC3 was notified. REPORT WRITTEN

0800 hrs., Business check/ 7-11, check clear.

0835 hrs., Riverdale Rd and Annapolis Rd/ Assist Motorist, female was pulled over to the side of the road with the trunk open.  An officer asked and appears she accidentally pushed the button for the trunk release and it was open so she could not see clearly.  Driver pulled over just to shut it.  

0900 hrs., Residential check/ 5500 Block of Karen Elaine Dr. / Citizens complaint of Suspicious Persons loitering in the building hallways, laundry rooms, front of buildings and around the vehicles, check clear.

0930 hrs., Business check/ Plaza 30, check clear.

0944 hrs., 7400 block Leahy Rd/ Alarm residential, front door alarm was activated.  Officers checked the residence and it was secure, unknown cause for the activation.  Officers spoke to the neighbors who stated the one resident's vehicle was not there so she may have had an appointment.  The resident came back and advised Officers she must have accidentally set it off.

1019 hrs., 8500 block Madison St/ Domestic, Officers were called due to the callers ex-husband breaking the door.  Once talking to the caller she stated she believes he did it by accident and banging on the door too hard.  It is documented due to the couple going through a separation at this time. REPORT WRITTEN

1130 hrs., Business check/ CVS Pharmacy, check clear.

1217 hrs., 7700 block Riverdale Rd/ Assist Fireboard with a medical call for a juvenile child.  Due to the child's age we assisted but discovered it was just a medical issue with the child and was handled by Fireboard.

1245 hrs., Residential check/ Heritage Square, check clear.

1315 hrs., Business check/ Carrollton Enterprise, check clear.

1350 hrs., Station call/ Domestic Dispute (Information only), male stated he let his wife of a few years come and stay with him for the night 2 weeks ago.  At this time he believes she may have taken some pictures of text messages he sent to other women.  He was not sure of what exactly to do.  She does not live here she lives in another state and he let her stay with him on an attempt to work on the marriage.  He was advised, to the best of our ability, on what actions he may be able to take.

1440 hrs., Business check/ City of New Carrollton Pool, check clear.

1510 hrs., Beauty Care/ Disorderly, caller stated the retail establishment gave her the wrong weave.  Upon Officers arrival both parties were calm but did not know what to do in this case.  The caller was explained that the policy of the establishment is made by them and if they want to abide by it they can.  If she was unhappy about her purchase and did not get any satisfaction there were other avenues she can take this was explained to her.  Again this was a civil matter.

1545 hrs., 7900 block Legation Rd/ Suspicious activity, caller stated that the last few days at different times there have been several bags of food and other items left on his porch.  He does not know at this time who may have left the items.  He was unsure if there may have been a mistake in a delivery of the items.  Officers gave him a few suggestions to attempt to locate the individual leaving the items and find out what the actual intent of leaving the items was.  At this time we all agreed there was no criminal activity intended.

1637 hrs., Shell/ Unknown trouble, caller was yelling someone stole her vehicle.  When Officers arrived there was a Female on scene yelling at two females in another vehicle.  Officers separated all parties to discover the Mother was in the second vehicle following the first vehicle (which belonged to her) due to her daughter taking it without asking.  The juvenile stated her mother let her have the vehicle and was not sure why she was upset.  The juvenile passenger was released to her parent on scene and the juvenile driver was released to her Mother on scene.  Information was given to the Mother on what action she could further take for both juveniles. REPORT WRITTEN

1820 Landlord-Tenant/ 8500 block Madison St / complainant wanted another tenant in the house to turn down his music.  The other housemate was advised. The house is a rooming house. An email was sent to Code Enforcement and NC3

1957 Premise Check/ 5700 block Harland St / area was clear, Amb835 was assisting the resident.

2115 Premise Check/ 8300 block Oliver St area was clear

2230 Premise Check/ 8100 block Annapolis Rd / business closed for the evening and lot was clear

2330 Premise Check/ 85th Ave / area was clear, no suspicious activity observed 

2355 Premise Check/ 7700 block Riverdale Rd / store closing for the evening

0002 Commercial Alarm/ 8500 block Annapolis Rd / front door alarm and motion. Officers called the manager who responded to reset the alarm. 

0109 Premise Check/ 8400 block Annapolis Rd / business as usual store receiving a delivery 

0220 Premise Check/ 5500 block Karen Elaine Dr. / area was clear

0258 Parking Complaint/ 7600 block Fontainebleau Dr. / vehicle parked in the fire lane, citation issued. After completing the citation, the officer observed two vehicles leaving the area. At which time, the officer observed a parked vehicle with its doors open. 

0305 Theft from Auto/ 7500 block Riverdale Rd / parked commercial vehicle was observed with its rear door and front driver door open. At the time of the report, a complete report was not completed. REPORT WRITTEN

0340 Premise Check/ 8400 block Annapolis Rd / business, as usual, no issues reported 

0400 Premise Check/ 6200 block Westbrook Dr. / area was clear

0445 Premise Check/ 8100 block Annapolis Rd / business closed & the lot was clear

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