Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Monday, March 5, 2018

0645 hrs., Business check/ 7-11, check clear.

0705 hrs., 6100 block 85th Ave/ Residential Alarm, alarm was coming from a key pad.  Officers arrived on scene and checked the entire residence, which was secure, and showed no signs of entry.  No residents were on scene.

0750 hrs.,  Residential check/ 5500 Block of Karen Elaine Dr. / Citizens complaint of Suspicious Persons loitering in the building hallways, laundry rooms, front of buildings and around the vehicles, check clear.

0820 hrs., Carrollton Elementary School/ Suspicious activity, caller stated a female student advised them that while she was en-route to school she was approached by an unknown male in a white suburban.  The student stated she did not approach the vehicle but the male asked if she needed a ride to school.  A student's mother stopped and took the female to school.  Prince George's County Detectives were contacted and arrived at the school to take the investigation.  NC3 was notified and the initial was taken by SRO Hughes. REPORT WRITTEN

0937 hrs., Robert Frost Elementary School/ Caller stated a 7 year old was out of control throwing chairs and yelling at the teacher.  Officers arrived to the child being calm until the parent arrived.  Mother arrived on scene to take custody of the child for the day.  The report was handled by SRO Hughes. REPORT WRITTEN

0940 hrs., 8200 block Quentin St/ Family Dispute, caller stated she and her mother were in a verbal argument over items lying around the house but not being hers.  She was upset when her Mother then took all of her belongings in the house and threw them in her room.  They continued to argue and that is when she called.  Upon arrival Officers spoke to both parties and advised them of all of the actions they could take in order to solve the issues they were having. The caller was not happy with the answer Officers gave to her.

1026 hrs., Annapolis Rd and Veterans Pkwy/ Accident, minor damage to the vehicles and no parties claimed injuries.  Officers exchanged information between all parties.

1040 hrs., Station call/ Domestic (information), caller came to the station just to notify us that his ex-girlfriend kicked him out and that he did not leave on his own.  After officers spoke with him, it was discovered that he does not live in the City and there was no actual domestic situation.

1109 hrs., 5500 block Karen Elaine Dr. / Accident, minor damage to both vehicles and information was exchanged prior to Officers arrival.

1115 hrs., 8200 block Quentin St/ Male was riding his bicycle and lost control crashing it into a tree.  Fire board was called and handled the incident.

1124 hrs., Robert Frost Elementary School/ Caller stated there was an out of control juvenile male who struck the teacher.  By the time Officers arrived on scene the male was calmed down and a guardian was on the way.  Officers gathered all of the information from the child and the parent once they arrived.  The child was released to the parent with action taken by the school. REPORT WRITTEN

1222 hrs., 6200 block 85th Place/ Residential Alarm, alarm company called stating it was from the shed door.  Offices checked and located an open front door; Officers checked the residence with negative results.  There was no forced entry the door was just left open.  Officers re-secured the front door of the residence and left the scene.

1300 hrs., 8100 block Quentin St/ Officers stopped two juveniles walking around the neighborhood, that matched the description of two possibly seen on camera attempting to break into a residence.  Officers questioned the juveniles who had no reason for being out of school; they were transported back to the school and released to parents from that location.  NC 3, NC 4, Detective Monge, and SRO PFC. Hughes all responded to the scene to assist. REPORT WRITTEN

1333 hrs., 7700 block Topton St/ Suspicious vehicle unoccupied, caller stated her daughter was home and called her stating there was a suspicious vehicle that parked in front of their residence.  She stated the male exited the vehicle and left in an unknown direction.  Officers arrived on scene and located the vehicle.  Information was run and the vehicle came back as not registered.  Due to the vehicle having no owner Officers impounded it for safe keeping until an owner is located. REPORT WRITTEN

1352 hrs., 8500 block Powhatan St/ Burglary in progress, Caller stated there was a male in her house who made entry into the kitchen window.  Caller stated the male kicked in several doors in the residence and ransacked three rooms.  Caller stated he then entered her room showed her a weapon and took money out of her wallet.  The male then fled on foot.  Officers set up a perimeter in an attempt to deploy the K-9 but they were unable to due to the time and foot traffic in the area.  No persons were injured during the incident. REPORT WRITTEN

1625 hrs., 7600 block Fountainebleau Dr. / Vandalism, caller stated she had someone write on her door.  Officers looked at the door and found one small spot on the door but do not believe someone put it there on purpose.  

1725 hrs., Annapolis Rd and Veterans Hwy/ Accident, minor damage to the vehicles and no parties claimed injuries.  Officers exchanged information between parties.

1848 Disorderly/ 7700 block Topton St/ tow truck delivered the vehicle to the wrong location. Day-work officers impounded the vehicle. The caller was advised.

1910 Premise Check/ 85th Ave Apts. / area was clear. Buildings 5328-34 have no exterior lights in the parking lot. 

2000 Premise Check/ 5500 block Karen Elaine Dr. / area was clear, no suspicious activity observed 

2030 Premise Check/ Inlet @ Jodie St / area was clear, no suspicious activity observed 

2100 Premise Check/ 8500 block Annapolis Rd / no issues reported, business as usual 

2150 Premise Check/ 8400 block Annapolis Rd / business closed and lot clear

2155 Assist/ 7700 block Annapolis Rd / PGPD had several subjects stopped. Officers assisted while checking for warrants 

2249 Assault/ 5500 block Karen Elaine Dr. / two females were involved in a verbal altercation. One stated she was assaulted by the other but there were no visible injuries. The complainant completed the LAP and didn’t screen. She left without further incident. REPORT WRITTEN

2342 Theft/ 7700 block Riverdale Rd / suspect is a friend of the complainant. The complainant was provided case numbers and advised to file charges with the commissioner's office

0001 Premise Check/ 7700 block Riverdale Rd / store closing for the evening 

0056 Unknown Trouble/ 7800 block Riverdale Rd / two females were involved in a domestic verbal argument. Neither had injuries, only one completed the LAP. The non-cooperative left without incident. REPORT WRITTEN

0149 Premise Check/ 85th Ave Apts. / area was clear 

0300 Premise Check/ 8100 block Annapolis Rd / business closed and lot clear

0400 Premise Check/ 8400 block Annapolis Rd / no issues, business as usual

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