Thursday, July 20, 2017

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

0659 Missing Person/ 7300 block Good Luck Rd- juvenile female left the residence. She has no mental or medical conditions

0940 Warrant Service/ 4900 block Rhode Island Ave- subject had an open warrant through NCPD and was apprehended without incident and walked to DOC. Subject was served the warrant by DOC. REPORT WRITTEN

1140 Recovered Property/ 6016 Princess Garden Pkwy- owner recovered their vehicle that was stolen from New Carrollton in DC. While checking the vehicle, they noticed there was property left from the suspects. Officers processed the property for prints with negative results. The property was placed in NCPD property for safe keeping. REPORT WRITTEN

1148 Parking Complaint/ 5900 block 89th Ave- citizen complained about a trailer parked on the street. The trailer is not stolen and was issued a parking citation with 72hr notice.

1320 Premise Check/ 6000 Block Mentana St- area was clear, no suspicious activity observed

1530 Premise Check/ 7700 block Riverdale Rd - business, as usual, spoke with security. There were no issues reported

1535 Traffic Complaint/ 85th Pl @ Carrollton Pkwy - gray vehicle speeding in the area. Officers canvassed the area with negative results

1542 Disorderly/ 8400 block Annapolis Rd- customer didn't like the direction the stylist shaved her nails. The customer demanded a refund and was advised by management no refund. The customer left without incident

1630 Assist/ 8300 block Annapolis Rd - roadside assistance needed help entering a BMW X5. 

1710 Disabled Vehicle/ 8800 Block Annapolis Rd vehicle was pushed out of the road

1920 5300 block 85th Ave- Juvenile complaint, caller stated that several juveniles were throwing rocks at her front door.  Officers arrived on scene and juveniles were gone on arrival.  Caller advised there was no damage done to the door.  Caller was advised.

1935 5700 block 84th Ave- Citizen Robbery- caller stated he was on his way home from work and at 5700 block 84th Ave when two black males (one with short dreads wearing all black clothing and the second with short hair wearing all black clothing) jumped out from behind a parked truck.  He stated they walked towards him when they came out from behind the truck and struck him.  He was knocked to the ground where they repeatedly struck him until he gave them his phone.  They then demanded the passcode to go with it.  Victim suffered minor injuries to his head, elbow, and hand.  Fireboard was not needed due to this occurring around midnight the previous night.  Prince George's County Detectives were notified and arrived on scene to conduct the investigation.  NC3 was notified of the incident as well. REPORT WRITTEN

2005 Shoppers - Officers were notified of a female that was standing outside of the store, who was possibly involved in an abduction from King George's County Virginia Sheriff's Department.  Officers contacted the Supervisor on scene who asked us to take the female to a safe location to wait for her family to come and pick her up.  Officers took her back to the Police station to meet her family there.  Supervisor stated she did not need to be in our custody, just in a safe spot.  REPORT WRITTEN

2203 8600 block Preston St - Suspicious Persons, caller stated there were five juveniles in the area looking into vehicle windows.  The caller left no information to contact them and no definitive description of any of the males in the area.  Officers canvased the area with nothing located.

2240 6500 block Auburn St. - Sgt. Burkett assisted Prince George's County Police with female searches.  

2300 School Check - Lamont Elementary School - check clear.

2314 6400 block 85th Ave - Suspicious vehicles occupied, Officers spoke with the male and female and discovered they lived in the area and were conducting a child exchange.  They were advised.

2320 8300 block Larchwood St - Verbal Dispute- caller stated the male half took her Green Card and refused to give it back to her because she wanted to move to New York.  Officers advised the male half he needed to give the card back to the female.  They were both advised.

0005 Business Check - 7-11, check clear.

0030 Business Check - Plaza 30, check clear.

0040 7700 block Arehart Dr. - Suspicious vehicle- Officers spoke to the persons inside and the male was dropping the female off from work, they were advised.

0052 Larchwood St at Verona Dr. - Traffic stop, stop cleared without incident.

0105 Residential check- 5500 Block of Karen Elaine Dr. - Citizens complaint of Suspicious Persons loitering in front of buildings and around the vehicles, check clear.

0120 8300 Block of Annapolis Rd- Traffic stop, stop was cleared without incident.

0140 5900 block 84th Ave- Traffic complaint, caller wanted to speak to an officer about a vehicle that ran through the stop sign around 1000 hours the day before.  Caller was advised the routes he could take if that occurs again.

0143 5300 block 85th Ave. - Citizen Robbery, caller stated a black male with short dreads wearing a white T-shirt and jeans came up behind her and put an object to her head and demanded her items.  She stated she stopped to look for something in her backseat when he came up behind her.  When the female did not give up the items, due to being scared, the male reached over her and grabbed her purse, gym bag, and cell phone.  The incident happened 15-20 minutes prior to Officers arrival; therefore Prince George's County K-9 was contacted for a track.  K-9 Officer tracked but ended with negative results.  Prince George's County Detective were contacted and arrived on scene. Prince George's County Officers graciously assisted with the perimeter for the K-9 track.  NC3 was notified. REPORT WRITTEN

0310 4900 block 78th Ave. - Assist Prince George's County Police with a perimeter for a K-9 track from a Theft from Auto.  Speaking with county officers the description of the male was the same as the one in the above listed from 5300 block 85th Ave.  Property was recovered by vehicle that belonged to the Victim listed above.  Property was taken and placed into our property locker with the ability to return to the owner.  Canvass of the area was conducted with negative results.  This case number is linked to the incident above.

0445 Business Check/ 7-11, check clear.

0500 Business Check/ Shell Station, check clear.

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