Monday, July 10, 2017

Thursday, July 6, 2017

0658 hours Premise Check 6300 block Westbrook Drive (N.C. Public Works) everything secured all clear. 

0751 Hours Premise Check 8400 block Annapolis Road All clear

0846 Hours Premise Check 8400 block Annapolis Road all clear 

0919 Hours Premise Check 8500 block Legation Road all clear.

1014 hours Assault 7800 block Riverdale Road, the caller who works for the property complex stated she was cleaning the stairwell, and suspect exited her unit and started an argument with her, over the cleanliness of the building. The caller reported the suspect then hit her with a towel.  Officers observed no injuries to either party, and both refused medical attention. The caller was provided with the suspect's information and advised to seek a temporary protective order/charges thru the District Court commissioner's office. REPORT WRITTEN

1050 hours Station Call 8400 block Annapolis Road Upon arrival the Manager pointed towards a man sitting near the exit door and stated he was sitting there for several hours and did not purchase an item. The manager said she didn't mind if the person stayed in the establishment if he bought a drink. The customer was advised, and he bought an iced coffee. All clear no report. 

1118 hours Hit and Run/Road Rage 7900 block Legation road upon officers arrival, the caller stated an Unknown driver cut her off and after she confronts the person; the driver produced a knife in an attempt to cause harm. Further investigation revealed the incident occurred in the 7-eleven parking lot located at 7700 Finns Lane, Lanham, Maryland. The caller was advised, PG County arrived on scene and assumed all investigations responsibilities. All clear no report. 

1216 Hours Premise check 8400 block Annapolis Road Plaza 30 shopping center all clear.  

1240 Hours Lockout 5200 block 85th Avenue, the caller stated the rental office advised him to call the police before they can open the door. The caller presented his identification card to verify he resides at the above-listed address. Maintenance responded and opened the door for the caller. 

1309 Hours Premise check 8100 block Annapolis Road Dodge all clear 

1322 hours Disorderly 7600 block Fountainbleu Drive Caller stated he's the director for this group home and one of his clients is intoxicated and acting aggressively towards him. Further investigation revealed the caller wanted officers to take his client by force for an E.P.S because he broke company rules, by bringing a bottle of alcohol into the residence. The client was screened, to see if he met the requirements for an EPS and he did not meet the criteria. The caller was advised to seek further assistance thru the district court commissioner's office. REPORT WRITTEN

1328 hours Hit and Run 8600 block of Annapolis Road, Unit-1 failed to control speed and struck Unit-2 in the rear and fled WB on Annapolis Road. No injuries, only property damage. Unit-1 was able to provide a Maryland registration plate to officers. Unit-1 was provided with case numbers and advised to contact her insurance carrier. REPORT/ACRS WRITTEN

1430 hours Theft Arrest 7700 block Riverdale Road Loss Prevention detained A-1 for stealing merchandise and passing all points of sale without rendering any form of payment. Officers issued a criminal summons to A-1 for theft; she was advised and sent on her way. REPORT WRITTEN

1542 hours Hit and Run 6400 block Kaslo Street Upon arrival, the caller stated she observed damage to her vehicle on 06/28/2017 and did not report the incident because she went on vacation. Further investigation revealed, a family member borrowed the car and back into a fence at an unknown location. She was advised, no report.

1650 hours Accident 5700 block of 85th Avenue, two vehicle collision, no injuries just property damage. Information was exchanged. 

1830 hours  Business check/ Carrollton Enterprise, check clear.

1850 hours Business check/ Plaza 30, check clear.

1920 hours  Residential check/ 5300-5400 Block of 85th Ave, Citizens complaint of Suspicious Persons loitering in front of buildings and around the vehicles, check clear.

2015 hours Business check/ 8400 block Annapolis Rd (Foot Patrol) , check clear.

2110 hours Lamont Dr. and Good Luck Rd/ Accident, no injuries and minor damage to the vehicles.  Information was exchanged between all parties by Officers.

2120 hours Riverdale Rd and Annapolis Rd/ Accident, no injuries one vehicle was impounded.  An ACRS report was written.  

2250 hours 7-11/ Intoxicated male, Officers came across a male, known to them through prior incidents, who was extremely intoxicated.  Due to the inability to stand or walk on his own fire board was called to transport him.  He was transported to the hospital for treatment.

2330 hours Residential Check/ 8500 Block of Madison St, 5900 Block of 87th Ave, 8500 Block of Legation St., and Beckett Field, complaint of possible drug activity, suspicious vehicles in the area, illegal dumping, and vandalism to the street lights.  Officers checked the area with no signs of the listed.

2352 hours Residential check/ 5500 Block of Karen Elaine Dr. Citizens complaint of Suspicious Persons loitering in front of buildings and around the vehicles, check clear.

0005 hours Business check/ Carrollton Enterprise, check clear.

0015 hours 8300 Quintana St/ Assist a citizen who was dropped off at the wrong location by UBER.  Upon officers arriving they determined that she had been at an office party and took UBER home, however, she gave them the incorrect address due to her just moving to the area.  Officers attempted to assist her with a way home but she became uncooperative due to her being intoxicated.  She stated she would walk home; officers canvassed the area until she arrived home.

0050 hours 6000 Block of Mentana St and the Pathway between Vera Cope Park and Powhatan St, Officers conducted a foot patrol in the area.  Citizens have been complaining about suspicious behavior, possible sale of drugs, gambling, and loitering of unknown persons, check clear.

0110 hours Business check/ Darcars Dodge, check clear.  

0150 hours Business check/ 7-11, check clear.

0220 hours Residential check/ 8300 block Oliver St, caller asked for checks due to problems with a former male friend, area checked clear.

0245 hours Business check/ Darcars Dodge, check clear.

0310 hours Business check/ Shell Gas station, check clear.

0343 hours 7600 block Fountainebleau Dr. Suspicious vehicle, tan Toyota with the passenger side door open.  Officers canvassed the area and located it at 7600 Block of Fountainebleau Dr. with three persons inside.  Persons stated they were all homeless and the owner let them sleep in the vehicle.  It was verified they were given permission to sleep in the vehicle, however they were advised they are not permitted to sleep in the vehicle and on private property.  They gathered their belongings and left the area.  REPORT WRITTEN

0505 hours Business check/ 7-11, check clear.

0515 hours 8300 block Oliver St/ Alarm call, caller stated the motion alarms she set up were going off and she believed it maybe the man she had previous incidents with.  Officers checked the area with nothing found.  She was advised.

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