Monday, July 17, 2017

Saturday, July 15, 2017

0620 hours Premise check 5200-5400 block of 85th all clear 

0710 hours Premise check 8494 Annapolis Road (Starbucks) all clear 

0838 hours Premise check 7790 Riverdale Road (Shoppers) all clear 

0906 hours Disorderly 5300 block 85th Avenue B9, Caller reported his girlfriend’s kids lost his keys; he stated he has a spare key at his parent's house and decline further police services all clear.     

0950 hours Premise check 8400 block of Annapolis Road (Plaza 30 shopping center) all clear 

1012 hours Premise 8400 block Annapolis Road all clear. 

1025 hours Premise check 8400 block Annapolis Road

1112 hours Premise check 6000 block of Mentana Street all clear

1230 hours Premise check 8500 block Annapolis all clear. 

1317 hours Premise check 8300 block Annapolis road (Shell) all clear

1348 hours Premise check 8400 block Annapolis road all clear

1421 hours Premise check 5200-5400 block of 85th avenue all clear

1550 hours Premise check 7700 block Riverdale road all clear

1605 hours Premise check 7700-7800 block of Heritage Square apartments all clear

1738 hours Animal complaint 7300 block Gavin Street, the caller reported while walking her dog; a German Shepard attacked her dog. Officers located the owner of the attacking dog at 7300 block Gavin Street; further investigation revealed no attack occurred, both dogs were in good health and sustained no injuries. Both pet owners were advised; N.C. animal control was notified and will conduct a follow-up.

1828 hours 7400 block Longbranch Dr. / Tree in the roadway, Officers arrived to see part of one of the City of New Carrollton trees laying across the roadway blocking it from clear travel.  As Officers were attempting to contact Public Works, the Prince George's County Public Works truck showed up and cut the tree in smaller pieces for moving.  Officers moved the pieces to the side of the road and opened the roadway back up for clear travel.

1931 hours Cozi Furniture/ Dispute over how the caller wanted a refund for items the warehouse did not carry anymore, but the business refused.  Officers were able to convince the business to issue a refund to the caller; however it would take a few days.

2048 hours 85th Ave and Annapolis Rd/ Vehicle was disabled in the roadway.  Officers arrived and assisted the caller with moving the vehicle off of the roadway.

2140 hours Madison and 87th St/ Sound of shots fired, caller stated it sounded like a bomb went off on the street.  Officers canvased the area and discovered a small black mark on the street and evidence of a possible fire cracker going off.  Officers spoke to witnesses however no persons were seen committing the act. REPORT WRITTEN

2151 hours 8300 block Quentin St/ Unknown Trouble (Unwanted Guest), caller stated he and his brother had been fighting for hours and his dad was tired of it.  Dad asked the one brother to leave and he refused.  Officers spoke with the brother and he left on his own accord, with no issues.

2212 hours 5300 block 85th Ave/ Domestic Dispute, caller stated she and her boyfriend got into a physical altercation and the boyfriend grabbed her arm in an attempt to push her out of the apartment.  Boyfriend was gone prior to Officers arrival; she screened in on the Domestic Violence Lethality but did not want to speak to a counselor at this time.  She was advised what steps she needed to take next. REPORT WRITTEN

2317 hours Fairbanks St and Carrollton Pkwy/ Loud music, after several minutes Officers located the party on the other side of the street.  Officers spoke to the home owner and advised them to lower the music.  They lowered it without incident and apologized.  

2336 hours 7500 block Riverdale Rd/ Family Dispute, caller stated her 70 year old mother was abusing her.  Officers discovered the mother suffers from many illnesses to include a brain injury, which can cause the mother to act like that.  Both parties were talked to and the mother agreed to take her medicine.  The daughter was given information to contact the Department of Aging to possibly get some assistance with taking care of her mother.  

2350 hours 8100 block Quentin St/ Unknown Trouble; Officers were cancelled prior to arrival by the caller.

2355 hours Westbrook Dr. and Powhatan St/ Hit and Run, upon investigation it was discovered that the accident did not occur in our jurisdiction they were transferred to the County Police in order to report it.

0010 hours 8400 block Malissa St/ loud party, caller stated there was a loud party at this address.  Offices arrived spoke to the home owner and they turned the music down with no issues.

0034 hours 5500 block Karen Elaine Dr. Stolen Auto, caller stated her vehicle was stolen.  Offices exhausted all means to locate the vehicle and finally placed the vehicle as stolen in NCIC. REPORT WRITTEN

0125 hours Annapolis Rd at Garrison Pl/ Traffic stop, Officers assisted Prince George's County Police with a traffic stop.  Stop cleared without any issues/

0215 hours Westbrook Dr. at Verona Dr. / Noise complaint, Officers checked the area with nothing found.

0245 hours Residential check/ 8300 block Oliver St, caller asked for checks due to problems with a former male friend, area checked clear.

0310 hours Residential check/ 5500 Block of Karen Elaine Dr. Citizens complaint of Suspicious Persons loitering in front of buildings and around the vehicles, check clear.

0330 hours 6000 Block of Mentana St and the Pathway between Vera Cope Park and Powhatan St, Officers conducted a foot patrol in the area.  Citizens have been complaining about suspicious behavior, possible sale of drugs, gambling, and loitering of unknown persons, check clear.

0400 hours Residential Check/ 8500 Block of Madison St, 5900 Block of 87th Ave, 8500 Block of Legation St., and Beckett Field, complaint of possible drug activity, suspicious vehicles in the area, illegal dumping, and vandalism to the street lights.  Officers checked the area with no signs of the listed.

0425 hours Business Check/ Plaza 30, check clear.

0440 hours Business Check/ 7-11, check clear.

0500 hours Business Check/ Darcars Dodge, check clear.

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