Monday, July 24, 2017

Thursday, July 20, 2017

0713 Check Welfare/ 6100 block 87th Ave- residents were sitting in the car eating and fell asleep.

0740 Parking Issue/ 6200 block 87th Ave- car hauler loaded with vehicles was issued a parking citation and tow taken

0907 Theft from Auto/ 6600 block Chestnut Ave- the victim left prior to arrival. Officers made contact and she advised she left her doors unlocked and the vehicle was looked through but nothing was taken. The complainant didn't want a report, due to her leaving out of town. No report was written

0937 Premise Check/ 6600 block Chestnut Ave- met with the designer who requested a check of the residence throughout the night. The rear glass on the door is missing and someone could possibly gain entry

1000 Premise Check/ Plaza 30 Shopping Center- business as usual. There were no issues reported by businesses

1010 Assist/ 7500 block Annapolis Rd- PGPD was busy and officers responded for a citizen robbery. It was determined from a prior call for service, the complainant was not robbed. 

1100 Premise Check/ 5300 block 85th Ave officers walked the property and it was clear

1150 Suspicious Subjects/ 5400 block 85th Ave- four males were sitting on the front stoop. Subjects checked negative for warrants. REPORT WRITTEN

1330 Premise Check/ 8400 Block Annapolis Rd- the business was operating normally. There were no issues observed/reported.

1610 Burglary/ 7700 block Riverdale Rd- resident returned home and the water was running. There was no forced entry to the residence. Another resident living inside forgot to turn the water off. NO BURGLARY 

1620 Station Call/ 85th Pl @ Ravenswood Rd resident called to complain about people knocking on doors. 

1647 One Not breathing/ 5400 block 85th Ave- resident observed an adult male not breathing and notified EMS. EMS was on scene upon officer’s arrival, performing life-saving measures. The adult male was transported to an area hospital where he was pronounced. PGPD Homicide, Evidence and OCME responded to process and conduct the follow-up investigation. REPORT WRITTEN

1705 Pool on 85th Ave/ Evening shift Officers assist Day-work Officers with a drowning.

1820 85th and Annapolis Rd/ Vehicle Accident, minor damage with no injuries.  Information was exchanged by Officers between parties.

1824 Fatty's Hair Braids/ Failure to pay, Prince George's County Assisted with the call.  When Officers arrived on scene the female finally agreed to pay for the services that were provided to her.

1910 Business Check/ Carrollton Enterprise, check clear.

1930 Residential Check/ Heritage Square Apartments, check clear.

2035 Domestic Dispute 6400 block 85th Pl- Female caller stated her and her husband were arguing about infidelity in the marriage when it got heated.  Once both parties were separated they both stated it was verbal only nothing physical happened. REPORT WRITTEN

2055 Unknown trouble 6500 block Inlet St- caller stated some drunk men came up to him.  Caller attempted to cancel prior to our arrival but Officers were on scene already.  When Officers went to the door the resident did not know about why we were there or who called the Police.

2135 Business Check/ Plaza 30, check clear.

2210 Traffic Stop -Garrison and Annapolis Rd- stop cleared without incident.

2255 Traffic Stop- Lamont Dr. and Carrollton Pkwy- stop cleared without incident.

2315 Residential check/ 5300-5400 block of 85th Ave- several citizen robberies have occurred in the area.  Officers conducting special patrols in the area, check clear.

2336 Suspicious Persons 5300 block 85th Ave- male and a female were stopped for loitering in the hallway.  Officers conducted a search and discovered CDS.  Male was issued a civil citation and both were sent on their way. REPORT WRITTEN

0030 Residential Check 84th St and Longfellow St. - several citizen robberies have occurred in the area.  Officers conducting special patrols in the area, check clear.

0045 Suspicious Vehicle 87th Ave and Legation St- Officers observed a vehicle parked the wrong direction on the roadway with two occupants inside.  Officers approached the vehicle and could smell burnt CDS.  Vehicle was impounded due to the driver having no license and Officers inability to contact the owner.  People were sent on their way. REPORT WRITTEN

0130 Parking Ticket 5800 block Legation Rd- ticket was issued to a commercial vehicle parked on a city street.

0150 Residential Check/ 8500 Block of Madison St, 5900 Block of 87th Ave, 8500 Block of Legation St., and Beckett Field, complaint of possible drug activity, suspicious vehicles in the area, illegal dumping, and vandalism to the street lights.  Officers checked the area with no signs of the listed.

0222 Stolen Vehicle 5800 block 84th St- caller stated her vehicle was stolen.  Upon further investigation caller advised it was parked in Auburn Manor Apartments and she last noticed it around 2200 hrs.  Prince George's Police Department was contacted and took the report due to it occurring in their jurisdiction.

0305 Business check/ 7-11, check clear.

0320 Residential check/ 5300-5400 block of 85th Ave, several citizen robberies have occurred in the area.  Officers conducting special patrols in the area, check clear.

0350 Business check/ Plaza 30, check clear.

0410 Business check/ Metro Points Hotel, check clear.

0435 Business check/ Shell Gas station, check clear.

0500 Business check/ Darcars Dodge, check clear.

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