Thursday, June 29, 2017

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

0600 hours- Warrant Service- 7600 block Fountainebleau Drive/ Officers received a call about a male possibly trespassing on the callers property. While on scene, officers stopped the subject and it revealed that he had an open warrant through the PG County Sheriff Department. He was transported to DOC for service of his warrant. REPORT WRITTEN 

0745 hours- Premise Check- 8400 block Annapolis Road/ All clear

0845 hours- Premise Check- 8400 block Annapolis Road/ All clear

0903 hours- Added Information- 7300 block Longbranch Drive/ Officers responded to the LOI to learn that the caller was trying to give added information to an incident that happened outside of our jurisdiction. PG County Police responded to the LOI and assisted the caller. NO REPORT

1057 hours- Dispute- 5400 block 85th Avenue/ Officers responded to the LOI to learn that both parties were involved in a verbal dispute over a cell phone. F-1 took R-1's cell phone and left the residence. A short time later, F-1 returned to the LOI to return the cell phone. REPORT WRITTEN 

1154 hours- Theft/Warrant Service- 8400 block Annapolis Road/ Officers were advised that a subject stole two bags of shoes from the LOI and fled on a bike. A short time later the arrested was located in the 8300 Block Annapolis Road. REPORT WRITTEN

1322 hours-Suspicious Person- 87th Avenue/ Officers arrived on scene to learn that there were three males at the LOI sitting on a bench talking. After conducting a warrant check, one subject had two open warrants but already been served by the sheriff department. All subjects were advised of the stop and sent on their way. REPORT WRITTEN

1403 hours- Residential Premise Check- Officers patrolled the residential area looking for any suspicious activity but ended with negative results. All Clear

1452 hours- Theft- 8200 block Annapolis Road/ Officers responded to the LOI to learn that here was no theft on the callers bank account. She and the bank were advised.

1532 hours- Accident- Annapolis Road and Beltway/ Officers responded the scene to learn the accident happened in David sector. NO REPORT

1620 hours- Hit and Run- 6400 block Fairborn Terr/ Officers responded to the LOI to learn that the caller could not prove that his neighbor struck his vehicle. The damages did not consist of a hit and run accident. NO REPORT

1702 hours- Premise Check- 8400 Block Annapolis Road/ All clear

1825 hours Unknown Trouble/ 8100 block Gavin St/ Caller had an argument with her boyfriend over their relationship problems. The boyfriend elected to leave the resident for the night to cool off. LAP was offered and refused. REPORT WRITTEN

2104 hours Theft from Auto/ 8400 block Annapolis Rd/ Victim stated while working at the hair academy his rear tag was stolen in the parking lot. The tag was entered into NCIC. REPORT WRITTEN

2209 hours Residential Alarm/ 6400 block Fairborn Terr./ All doors and windows were secured and the resident was cleared.

2301 hours Domestic/ 7800 block Riverdale Rd/ Officers knocked on the door with no answer and no answer when dispatch called.

0049 hours Premise Check/ 8400 block Annapolis Rd/ All clear

0100 hours Premise Check/ 7700 Block Riverdale Rd/ All clear

0215 hours Premise Check/ 5400 Block 85th Ave/ All clear

0230 hours Premise Check/ 5900 Block Mentana St/ All clear

0300 hours Premise Check/ 5900 Block Mentana St/ All clear

0330 hours Missing Person/ 7000 block Goodluck Rd/ Caller reported that her mom roommate wanted to report her missing from her resident in Upper Marlboro. The mom was last seen in DC and County was notified and responded to the missing resident.

0430 hours Premise Check/ 8500 block Annapolis Rd/ All clear

0500 hours Premise Check/ 5500 Block Karen Elaine Dr. / All clear

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