Monday, May 8, 2017

Sunday, May 7, 2017

1100 Premise Check/ Heritage Square area was clear, no suspicious activity observed

1115 Premise Check/ 85th Ave Apts area was clear, no suspicious activity observed (Playground area was clear)

1135 Premise Check/ 8100 block Annapolis Rd (Darcars) business closed for the day, property was clear 

1145 Property Damage/ 5500 block Karen Elaine Dr unknown suspect broke the driver side mirror. The victim believes it's a resident living in the building  

1158 Disorderly/ 8400 block Carrollton Pkwy roommates had a verbal dispute over the telephone. Parties were advised to contact Vesta the program manager

1305 Premise Check/ 7700 block Riverdale Rd (Shoppers) area was clear, businesses operating as usual

1315 Disorderly/ 8400 block Carrollton Pkwy roommates had a verbal dispute over the telephone. Parties were advised again to contact Vesta the program manager

1335 Check Welfare/ 5300 block 85th Ave child had fallen, father took the child to the hospital prior to EMS and police arrival

1349 Accident/ 6600 block Ian St accident occurred outside of jurisdiction; parties exchanged information with the assistance of officers.

1455 Premise Check/ 6400 block Kaslo Ct area was clear, no suspicious activity observed

1501 Disorderly/ 7700 block Riverdale Rd aggressive driver in the area, security did not witness anything and the complainant didn't want to be met

1545 Premise Check/ 8400 block Annapolis Rd (7-Eleven) to include Plaza 30 no suspicious activity observed, walked the plaza also

1620 Premise Check/ 6000 block Mentana St nothing observed to include the foot path and park

1845 hrs., 8400 block Cathedral St/ Loud music and dirt bikes in the area, Officers checked the area and there was no loud music and the dirt bikes were Gone Prior to Officers arrival.  

1905 hrs.,  6000 Block of Mentana St and the Pathway between Vera Cope Park and Powhatan St, Officers conducted a foot patrol in the area.  Citizens have been complaining about,  suspicious behavior, possible sale of drugs, gambling, and loitering of unknown persons, check clear.

1930 hrs., School check/ Charles Carroll Middle School, check clear.

2000 hrs., 8100 block Rycroft Ave/ Assault, Juvenile male was assaulted in front of his home by two unknown males.  Officers have no good description of the males, and only they arrived and left in a mid-sized black SUV.  Speaking with the family this incident is due to an action another family member took on a possible gang member.  NCP 3, Detectives, and Prince George's County Gang Detectives were all contacted and notified of the incident.

2045 hrs.,  Residential Check/ 8500  Block of Harland St, Citizens complaining of Suspicious Persons loitering in the area, being disorderly, and being loud late at night, check clear.

2110 hrs., Residential Check/ 8500 Block of Madison St, 5900 Block of 87th Ave, 8500 Block of Legation St., and Beckett Field, complaint of possible drug activity, suspicious vehicles in the area, illegal dumping, and vandalism to the street lights.  Officers checked the area with no signs of the listed.

2154 hrs., 8500 block 86th Ct/ Suicidal Subject, caller stated her sister said she was going to take a bottle of Ibuprofen and kill herself.  Officers arrived and spoke with the subject, who stated she had been off of her meds for 6 years for an illness, but she felt fine.  She told us she was arguing with the sister about the bottle of Ibuprofen and she misinterpreted what she said.  She continued with the fact that she takes care of her ill sister, and several children and she was just tired.  Sam 800 was contacted and arrived on scene to assist.  

2308 hrs., 8400 block Annapolis Rd (7-11)/ Assault, employee flagged down Officers to state that he was assaulted approximately 15 minutes ago.  Once the employee gave Officers the information, he stated he and an unknown male customer got into an argument about cigars and the male left.  He returned over an hour later, walked up to the counter where the employee was and pointed a gun at the employee as to threaten him.  Officers canvassed the area with nothing found.  NCP 3 and Detective Robinson were notified and Detective Robinson arrived on scene to take over the investigation.  

0030 hrs., 5300 block 85th Ave/ Unknown Trouble, caller stated they heard a female voice yelling.  Officers canvassed the area with no signs of anyone needing assistance.  

0045 hrs., 7600 block Fountainebleau Dr. Family Dispute, caller stated the daughter was intoxicated and would not keep her voice down as to not bother neighbors.  Officers talked to the daughter and she advised she was going to bed and would not be anymore of a problem.  All parties were advised.

0200 hrs., Business Check/ Plaza 30, check clear.

0230 hrs., 7900 block Annapolis Rd/ Assist Prince George's County Police with a Suicidal subject wanting to shoot himself.  Officers arrived on scene and located the male, once he was secured Officers called for fireboard to transport him to the hospital for an evaluation.  Male asked to go to the hospital and willing to sign himself in for an evaluation.  

0300 hrs., Business Check/ New Carrollton City Pool, check clear.

0315 hrs., Business check/ Darcar's Dodge, check clear.

0320 hrs., School Check/ Margaret Brent, check clear.

0340 hrs., School check/ Charles Carroll, check clear.

0400 hrs., Residential Check/ 8100 block of Rycroft Ave, check clear.

0420 hrs., Business check/ Shell Gas station, check clear.

0430 hrs., Business check/ 7-11, check clear.

0445 hrs., Business check/ Darcar's Dodge, check clear.

0500 hrs., Business check/ Metro Points Hotel, check clear.

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