Monday, May 8, 2017

Friday, May 5, 2017

0830 Premise Check/ 8300 block Annapolis Rd business as usual, no suspicious activity observed

0840 Disorderly/ 5900 block 87th Ave complainant believed her aunt kicked her bedroom door in. In the past, there was a protective order against the aunt. The complainant and aunt advised of their options. Nothing could be verified

1015 Stolen Auto (Recovered)/ 5400 block 85th Ave the victim was notified his tow truck was parked running in front of a business in Glenarden. The victim responded and retrieved his vehicle. At which time, he noticed the ignition was damaged. There were no signs of forced entry into the vehicle. PGPD Auto Theft was notified of the theft

1040 Missing Person/ 5900 block Mentana St officers attempted to make contact with the complainant with negative results. Communications was unable to reach the complainant as well

1130 Disorderly/ 8500 block Annapolis Rd (Metro Points Hotel) guest in room 916 had been smoking and causing guest and staff to feel uneasy. Management requested to have the guest remove from the property. The incident was handled without incident

1320 MPS/ 5900 block 87th Ave the complainant obtained a temporary protection order against her aunt. The aunt was served and escorted off the property. A copy of the order was faxed to PGSO Telecommunications 

1432 Domestic/ 6400 block Kaslo Ct officers responded to the residence for domestic between parents about child custody. Upon arrival, officers observed the victim on the ground and the suspect holding the victim's neck. A firearm was present, the suspect and the victim exchanged words and the victim was shot. The victim was transported to PGH in critical condition. The suspect was arrested and transported to Dist 1 to be interviewed by NCPD CID responded and was on scene. NC 1, 2, 3, & 4 responded to the scene. The victim's vehicle was impounded as evidence to PGPD Crime Lab by Ryon's Towing 


1700 hrs., Kaslo Ct/ Shooting., assist daywork with anything they needed to complete the incident.

1808 hrs, 7700 block Riverdale Rd., #104/ Disorderly, caller stated he wanted the Police to tell his mother to give the keys back to his vehicle.  Once Officers spoke to the Mother it was revealed that the car was registered in her name and he was failing to make the payments so she took the keys until he could catch the payments up.  Both parties were advised.

1808 hrs., 6000 block Mentana St/ Identity theft, caller stated that she had printed out a work history of herself and saw that there were two jobs listed that she never worked before.  She had no information about the jobs, nor the person, and she suffered no loss at this time.  She was advised to get more information on the work history and if her information was used to call back with more information.  Officers advised her to notify Social Security, to discuss the possibility of someone obtaining and using her social security number.

1839 hrs.,  5300 block 85th Ave #A/ Disorderly males in the basement, Officers conducted a check of the area, with nothing found.  The males were gone prior to Officers arrival.

1920 hrs., Residential check/ 6600 Block of Adrian St, check clear.

1940 hrs.  Residential Check/ 8500 Block of Madison St, 5900 Block of 87th Ave, 8500 Block of Legation St., and Beckett Field, complaint of possible drug activity, suspicious vehicles in the area, illegal dumping, and vandalism to the street lights.  Officers checked the area with no signs of the listed.

2131 hrs., 6000 Block of Mentana St and the Pathway between Vera Cope Park and Powhatan St, Officers conducted a foot patrol in the area.  Citizens have been complaining about,  suspicious behavior, possible sale of drugs, gambling, and loitering of unknown persons, check clear.

2140 hrs., Residential check/ 6500 Block of Kaslo Ct, check clear.

2140 hrs., Hair Academy/ Alarm, all doors and windows checked and secure, unknown cause for activation.

2150 hrs., 8400 block Annapolis Rd/ Flagged down by citizen about a Property damage.  Caller stated his vehicle was damaged in an unknown manner by an unknown person.

2200 hrs., Residential Check/ 8500  Block of Harland St, Citizens complaining of Suspicious Persons loitering in the area, being disorderly, and being loud late at night, check clear.

2230 hrs., Annapolis Rd and Veteran's Hwy/ Traffic stop, stop cleared without incident.

2300 hrs., Residential check/ 5500 block of Karen Elaine Dr, Citizens complaint of Suspicious Persons loitering in front of buildings and around the vehicles, check clear.

2310 hrs., 7600 block Legation Rd/ Flagged down by a citizen in regards to his wife not giving him his car keys.  Once we spoke to the female at the residence she stated she would not give him the keys because he left her 2 weeks ago and she was upset.  Officers looked further into the vehicle and discovered it was solely in the male half's name but the female stated that was wrong she has paid for it.  She was strongly advised to return the keys and go through the legal system for the divorce, custody, and property dispersal.  Female half returned the keys and the male half returned they other vehicle for her to use instead.  She was given the number for the Crisis Center and several other contacts to assist her with the things listed above.  

0015 hrs., 8500 block Annapolis Rd/ Metro Points complex, citizens flagged down the part time unit to advise him there was a male in the parking lot that got upset with other patrons and pulled a gun out of his waistband.  A description was given and Officers canvassed the area with negative results.  

0040 hrs., 8500 block Annapolis Rd/ Vehicle Accident, no injuries and minor damage, information was exchanged between parties.

0050 hrs., Residential check/ 6500 Block of Kaslo Ct, check clear.

0100 hrs., Residential check/ 6600 Block of Adrian St, check clear.

0110 hrs., 5400 block 85th Ave/ Disorderly, caller stated there were several persons outside talking loud and making noise.  Officers located 4 persons in the area and checked, they lived in the complex in the building listed and were outside for a few minutes talking.  They were advised.

0118 hrs., 8300 block Cathedral Ave/ Vehicle accident, with injury, Vehicle had struck a parked vehicle when the driver lost control around the curve.  Persons in the vehicle advised they did not want to be checked out or go tot the hospital.  Vehicle was towed, due to being disabled.

0235 hrs., Residential check/ 6500 Block of Kaslo Ct, check clear.

0245 hrs., Business Check/ 7-11, check clear.

0300 hrs., Business Check/ Stonefish and the 8500 block Annapolis Rd Complex, parking lot.  Assisted with getting persons and vehicles out of the parking lot safety.  

0400 hrs., Business Check/ Darcar's Dodge, check clear.

0430 hrs., Business check/ Carrollton Enterprises, check clear.

0445 hrs., Business check/ Shell Gas Station, check clear.

0510  hrs., Business check/ Metro Points Hotel, check clear.

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