Thursday, October 26, 2017

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

0635 hrs., Business check/ 7-11, check clear.

0650 hrs., Business check/ Plaza 30, check clear.

0710 hrs., 5400 block 85th Ave/ Domestic, caller stated she and her boyfriend got into an argument and she wants him and his stuff out.  Upon arrival officers observed the male half lying on the couch and the female half was attempting to get her daughter ready for school.  She stated he was mad and throwing things all around.  There was no sign of any physical altercation but the incident was documented.  Female half, after speaking with her, decided she did not want police assistance. REPORT WRITTEN

0730 hrs., Residential check/ 5500 Block of Karen Elaine Dr., Citizens complaint of Suspicious Persons loitering in front of buildings and around the vehicles, check clear. 

0808 hrs., 84th St at Stanwood St/ Accident, minor accident of vehicles.  There were no injuries and minor damage to the vehicles.  Information was exchanged by officers for all parties.

0830 - 1000 hrs., Traffic Detail/ Leahy Rd. Officers conducted a traffic detail in this area due to citizen complaints of vehicles committing traffic violations in an endangering manner.  (Total of 3 vehicles stopped all committed violations on Inlet St.)

1004 hrs., Adrian St and Good Luck Rd./ Traffic stop, stop cleared without incident.

1027 hrs., Business check/  Shoppers (Foot Patrol), check clear.

1103 hrs., 7800 block of Annapolis Rd/ Traffic stop, stop cleared without incident.

1115 hrs., 9000 block Annapolis Rd/ Assist another unit, while attempting to get to the station a unit observed two males having a physical altercation.  All parties were separated, calmed down, and advised what action they could take.  

1150 hrs., School check/ Charles Carroll Middle School, check clear.

1210 hrs., Beckett Field/ Suspicious Persons, several juveniles were sitting in the park during school time.  Officers stopped them, identified them, and returned them back to Parkdale High school and turned over the children to School Officers. REPORT WRITTEN

1300 hrs., 8300 block Annapolis Rd/ Check on the Welfare of an elderly female.  Caller and her Grandmother were driving on the road and when she looked at her Grandmother she looked ill.  Granddaughter became worried and called for assistance.  Fire board was on scene and handled the incident.

1335 hrs., Business Check/ 8300 block Annapolis Rd (Foot Patrol), check clear.

1410 hrs., 7700 block Riverdale Rd/ Traffic stop, stop cleared without incident.

1419 hrs., Robert Frost Elementary School/ Station call for an out of control child.  Child was upset because they did not want to get on the bus.  The Mother of the child was contacted and arrived on scene to take custody of the child, due to their behavior. REPORT WRITTEN

1423 hrs., 5200 block 85th Ave/ Vandalism, Caller stated someone threw a rock at her vehicle causing the windshield to crack.  Vehicle was parked in the parking lot all night, and she has no suspect information. REPORT WRITTEN

1505 hrs., Business Check/ Carrollton Enterprises, check clear.

1540 hrs., Residential check/ 5300-5400 Block of 85th Ave., Citizens complaint of Suspicious Persons loitering in front of buildings and around the vehicles, check clear. 

1605 hrs., Residential check/ 5500 Block of Karen Elaine Dr., Citizens complaint of Suspicious Persons loitering in front of buildings and around the vehicles, check clear. 

1615 hrs., Topton St and Powhattan St/ Traffic stop, stop cleared without incident.

1645 hrs., 8400 block Annapolis Rd/ Theft, caller reported several juveniles came up to him and stole video games he was putting into the Redbox.  The caller was an employee of Redbox.  Officers canvased the area with nothing found. REPORT WRITTEN

1705 hrs., Business Check/ Plaza 30, check clear.

1907 Unknown Trouble/ 8100 block Annapolis Rd / call came from TDD. There were no issues reported by staff

1920 Stolen Auto/ 8400 block Annapolis Rd/ vehicle was repossessed by the lender

1950 Premise Check/ Plaza 30 officers conducted a foot patrol in the shopping center

2049 Stolen Auto/ 8300 block Annapolis Rd / complainant left her vehicle at the station to get fixed. She returned to check on the vehicle and noticed it was not there. She advised the mechanic took her vehicle. She was advised to file charges at the commissioner's office and file a complaint with management

2118 Pedestrian Struck/ 7700 block Annapolis Rd /male was crossing the street (jaywalking) and was struck by a car. The male was transported to Medstar with non-life threatening injuries by EMS. REPORT WRITTEN

2211 Residential Alarm/ 5400 block 85th Ave / patio door activated by unknown means. Homeowner arrived as officers were clearing 

2227 Premise Check/ 85th Ave Apts. / area was clear, no issues observed

2335 Premise Check/ 7700 block Riverdale Rd/ business closing for the evening

0230 Premise Check/ 8400 block Annapolis Rd / store was receiving a delivery, no issues reported

0307 Premise Check/ 8100 block Gavin St / area was clear 

0314 Disorderly/ 5500 block Karen Elaine Dr.  / house guest was loud and the resident wanted him to leave. The guest left without incident

0342 Premise Check/ 8100 block Annapolis Rd / lot was clear

0420 Premise Check/ 8300 block Quintana St / area was clear

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