Friday, February 16, 2018

Thursday, February 15, 2018

0635 hrs., Business check/ 7-11, check clear.

0700 hrs., Business check/ Plaza 30, check clear.

0740 hrs., Residential check/ 5300-5400 Block of 85th Ave., Citizens complaint of Suspicious Persons loitering in front of buildings and around the vehicles, check clear. 

0845 hrs., 5800 block 84th Ave/ Landlord Tenant Dispute, caller stated the owner of the house and her family had an agreement to pay 5 years of rent then the owner would sell and turn the house over to them.  The caller stated the owner is now changing his mind and does not want to sell the house to them.  They wanted to know what action she could take.  She was advised what action they could take.

0859 hrs., 7000 block Good Luck Rd/ Missing Person, caller wanted to report his son missing from Sunday night (February 11th).  Officers gathered all information for the report when speaking to the family.  Prince George's County Missing Persons Detectives and NCP3 were both notified of the incident. REPORT WRITTEN

1105 hrs., Business check/ Beckett Field, check clear.

1148 hrs., 5300 block 85th Ave/ Miscellaneous Information , Mother called and stated her daughter was saying some strange things and has had suicidal thoughts in the past.  After speaking to all family members it was determined that she did not make an actual threat but the Mother wanted to take her to the hospital to be examined anyway.  She was advised she was the guardian and could have her evaluated at Children's Hospital if she chose to. REPORT WRITTEN

1313 hrs., 8400 block 85th Ave/ Unknown trouble, caller stated she needed to talk to the Police about her ex-boyfriend.  For approximately 30 minutes officers and communication attempting to make contact with the caller due to her stating she was between two locations.  Officers were unable to locate the caller.

1336 hrs., 5400 block 85th Ave/ Accident, two vehicles collided and both vehicles were disabled but in the parking lot they reside at.  Both owners were going to call their own tow companies. REPORT WRITTEN

1415 hrs., Hair Academy/ Unknown Trouble, an employee called stating one of her workers was having a domestic issue with her ex-boyfriend, it was third party and officers were unable to get in contact with the caller.

1435 hrs., Business check/ Plaza 30 (Foot Patrol), check clear.

1530 hrs., 7900 block Legation Rd/ Missing child, caller stated her daughter should have been home at around 1430 hrs. She still did not arrive home and Mom began walking towards the school in an attempt to locate her.  When the Mom could not locate her she contacted the Police.  We checked the school and as Officers were in route to canvas the area when the juvenile was located safe and unharmed.  The family was advised about what actions could be taken to prevent this in the future.

1603 hrs., 7700 block Riverdale Rd/ Roommate dispute, caller wanted to know what he could do to get the roommates stuff out of the apartment in order to treat it for bed bugs.  He was advised and told to speak to the management as well about the treatment.

1615 hrs., Wendy's/ The female from the earlier call, contacted us again.  Officers spoke to MPD advocates about getting the female possible transport to their station.  Officers were unable to transport her all the way to Washington D.C. so she was taken to the Metro Station to meet with the advocate.

1627 hrs., Shoppers/ Theft from Auto, caller stated he had his wallet stolen from his vehicle.  He stated the vehicle was unlocked and unsure where the wallet was stolen.  He went to Bank of America and McDonald's in between and is unsure where it occurred.  After Officers talked to him he advised he did not want a report taken at this time he just wanted to tell the bank he talked to us. 

1810 Check Welfare/ 6016 Princess Garden Pkwy / mother wanted to drop daughter off for bullying and being a liar. Officers spoke to both parties and advised counseling. The child was not harmed. REPORT WRITTEN

1900 Theft/ 5900 block Westbrook Terr. / Complainant stated her mother stole $700 today while she was in court. The complainant advised her mother did not have keys and none of the windows were open. She was provided case numbers for reference and advised to file charges.

1930 Family Dispute/ 5700 block 85th Ave / The Caller was upset because the grandson returned home late. The grandson then threatens the caller and she was in fear for her safety. REPORT WRITTEN

2050 Premise Check/ 8200 block Annapolis Rd / area was clear, no issues reported

2128 Premise Check/ 5300 block 85th Ave / area was clear, no suspicious activity observed

2250 Premise Check/ 5500 block Karen Elaine Dr.

2310 Premise Check/ 5400 block of 85th Ave was clear, no suspicious activity observed  

2331 Assist Fire 5400 block 85th Ave / a toddler fell off the bed and bumped its head. The ambulance transported the child to Prince George's Hospital Center for treatment. 

0001 Stolen Auto 7600 block Fontainbleu Drive / While interviewing the caller it was found his vehicle was not stolen. He gave his friend permission to borrow the car, and want his vehicle back. The caller already obtained the paperwork for U.U.V through the Commissioner’s Office which he provided on the scene and already has a set date. No report.

0218 Premise Check 8400 block Annapolis Road / was clear no issues reported

0245 Premise Check 7500 block of Good Luck Road / all clear

0324 Premise Check 8300 block Annapolis Road / all clear

0411 Premise Check Annapolis Road and Harkins Road / all clear 

0459 Premise Check 8300 block Annapolis Road / all clear  

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