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Events 10/22-10/25

Oct 22

0021 hrs Premise Check 8100 Annapolis Road/All clear

0052 hrs Sounds of Gunshots 7501 Riverdale Road/Area canvassed with nothing found

0144 hrs Suspicious Subject 8300 Blk Annapolis Road-Subject who was Intoxicated and high off of Phencyclidine was transported to P.G.H. for treatment

0335 hrs Premise Check 8100 Annapolis Road/All clear

0515 hrs Premise Check 8461 Annapolis Road/All clear

0732 Hours- School Check-Carrollton Elementary- All Clear.

0745 Hours-School CHeck- Lamont Elementary- All Clear.

0850 Hours- Premise Check- 8400 Blk Annapolis Rd.- All Clear.

0900 Hours- Mandatory Premise Check- 5400 Blk 85th Ave- Complaints of males loitering, trespassing, smoking C.D.S. and drinking alcohol. Area was canvased, No violations were observed.

0930 Hours- Accident- 7600 Annapolis Rd.- Unit #1 struck Unit #2 causing minor damage to both vehicles. Officers responded and facilitated an exchange of information.

1020 Hours- Traffic Complaint- Good Luck Rd/Auburn Ave.- Report of Pepco Personnel working on power lines blocking the roadway and creating a traffic hazarrd. Officers responded to the location and observed pepco had stationed a flagger to direct traffic, No hazard observed.

1117 Hours- Recovered stolen property- 8400 Blk Annapolis Rd.- Parking Enforcement advised of three vehicles at the above location with tags displayed that were expired and issued to other vehicles. One registration plate was discovered stolen and was recovered; the other two registration plates were discovered expired and issued to other vehicles. All three vehicles impounded for safe keeping.

1158 Hours- Warrant Service- 5300 Blk 85th Ave.- Officers observed a suspect that was known to have an open arrest warrant. The suspect was stopped, The warrant confirmed and he was transported to Hyattsville D.O.C. for processing.

1231 Hours- Stolen Vehicle- 7500 Blk Riverdale Rd.- Civil dispute over property/inheiritance. Caller advised to seek the assistance of the Circuit or Probate Court.

1345 Hours-Premise Check- 7790 Riverdale Rd- All Clear.

1420 Hours- Mandatory Premise Check- 5400 Blk 85th Ave.- Complaints of  males loitering, trespassing, smoking C.D.S. and drinking alcohol. Area was canvased , No violations were observed.

1425 Hours- Mandatory Premise Check- Carrollton Pkwy @ Farmcrest Dr.-Reports of suspicious persons smoking C.D.S. in the area. The area was canvased, no suspicious or illegal activity observed.

1501 Hours- Missing Person- 5800 Blk Olander Dr.- Bi-Polar Female left a group home several days prior and had not returned to the location. Teletype, NCPD2 and NCPD5 were notified.

1512 Hours- Suspicious Person- 7414 Riverdale Rd.- Caller advised a male wanted for a previous assault as at the location. The male was stopped, Identified, Checked negative for warrants,photographed and sent on his way.

1544 Hours- Suspicious Person- 6500 Inlet St- Citizen complaint of several juveniles engaged in sexual activity outside the location. Officers responded, canvased the area and were unable to locate the juveniles in question.

1728 Hours- Commercial Alarm- 8435 Annapolis Rd. #E- Alarm activation from a front door sensor. Officers responded and discovered the T/A closed for business and secured Unknown cause for the alarm activation. FARU provided to dispatch.

1807 hrs Missing Person 6400 Blk 85th Avenue-Caller reported child did not come home from school/Child was located at with father

1812 hrs Domestic 8400 Blk Carrollton Parkway-Male called to report altercation with girlfriend outside of New Carrollton/Advised to seek assistance from District Court Commissioner's Office

1850 hrs Premise Check 8445 Annapolis Road/All clear

1917 hrs Domestic 5400 Blk 85th Avenue-Intimate partners engaged verbal altercation which turned physical

2033 hrs Disorderly 5300 85th Avenue #C9-Caller wanted non-residents to vacate his residence/Settled prior to police arrival

2124 hrs Assist Officer Who Needed Assistance/Canceled prior to arrival

2126 hrs Arrest 8433 Annapolis Road-Subject who was barred from Plaza 30 was arrested for trespassing

2303 hrs M.P.S. 5900 Blk Mentana Street-Intoxicated son was transported to hospital for treatment

2314 hrs Domestic 6600 Blk Lamont Drive-Verbal dispute between ex-girlfriend & ex-boyfriend/ All clear

Oct 23

0140 hrs Assist M.S.P. 495 & 450-Caller reported possible intoxicated driver/Nothing found

0313 hrs Disorderly 5400 Blk 85th Avenue #201-Caller reported loud party inside residence/Occupants advised

0752 hrs Vandalism to Auto/ 5500 Blk Karen Elaine Dr/ Victim vehicle tires were slashed.

0805 hrs Check Welfare/ 8500 Blk Powhatan St/ Caller stated that he has not heard from his mom in a week, officers checked the resident and the mother was ok and advised to contact her son.

0910 hrs Domestic/ 7700 Blk Riverdale Rd/ Female stated she got into an argument with her boyfriend who refused to open the door. There were no injuries and the female was advised.

1020 hrs Assist Motorist/ 8300 Blk Annapolis Rd/ Vehicle ran out of gas and the vehicle was removed.

1235 hrs Premise Check/ 5400 Blk 85th Ave/ All Clear

1251 hrs Premise Check/ 8100 Annapolis Rd/ All Clear.

1305 hrs Premise Check/ Carrollton Elem/ All Clear.

1420 hrs Premise Check/ 77-7800 Blk Riverdale Rd/ All Clear.

1440 hrs Premise Check/ 8300 Annapolis Rd/ All Clear.

1500 hrs Premise Check/ 8100 Annapolis Rd/ All Clear.

1520 hrs Accident/ 85th Ave @ Annapolis Rd/ Several vehicles impounded due to being disable and several subject transported to the hospital.

1640 hrs Premise Check/ Oakcrest Dr @ Harland St/ All Clear.

1730 hrs Premise Check/ 8461 Annapolis Rd/ All Clear.

1735 hrs Accident/ 7800 Blk Annapolis Rd/ Vehicle was struck in the rear, the driver was transported to the hospital for her injuries.

1756 Domestic Arrest/ 5400 Blk 85th Ave- Male assaulted his ex-girlfriend after being rejected by her. He was transported to Hyattsville DOC

1829 Found/ 7500 Good Luck Rd Caller advised male was acting strange and left a black bag on the field. The bag was inspected and contained clothing

1904 Burglary/ 5500 Blk Karen Elaine Dr. No burglary complainants cat knocked over the lamp

1951 Disorderly/ 8100 Blk Gavin St. Males were hanging outside talking loud. Attempting to make plans for the evening

2005 CDS Complaint/ 7600 Blk Riverdale Raod  Made contact with the residence in question. There was no smell of marijuana in the residence

2026 Premise Check/ 8100 Annapolis Rd. (DARCARS) Business as usual

2058 Disorderly/ 7700 Blk Riverdale Rd- Neighbor was playing loud music

2059 Accident/ Annapolis Rd.@ 495S parties exchanged information

2230 Premise Check/ 8308 Annapolis Rd. Business as usual

2245 Station call (Gunshots)/ 7400 Blk Longbranch Drive area canvassed and nothing found

Oct 24

0009 Assault/ 5300 Blk 85th Ave No Assault, Cab driver and patrons. Patrons through some liquid on the cab.

0046 Check Welfare/ 6400 Blk 86th Ave Cancelled upon arrival

0102 Disorderly/ 5800 Blk Nystrom St. Roommate playing music loud, No answer at the door.

0220 Assist/ Riverdale @ Veterans- male was asleep at the wheel. He was GOA

0227 Unknown trouble/ 5400 Blk 85th Ave- this was a rolling domestic,contact made and they refused services

0252 Premise Check/ 8100 Annapolis RD. business closed and lot empty.

0342 Shooting/ Good Luck Rd.@ Auburn-Officers responded for gunshots with nothing found. Officers responded to MD PK Police HQ, To meet with the victim. The victim changed his story several times and became hostile. The vehicle was impounded CID requested it be sent to D1 for processing

0810 hrs Domestic/ 5300 Blk 85th Ave/ F-1 stated she got into a verbal argument with the kids father. F-1 stated that F-2 who wasn't on scene became angry and started to destroy the house and damaged the front door. F-1 was advised to seek a protective order and full custody of her children.

0850 hrs Hit in Run/ 7500 Topton St/ Victim vehicle was struck by another unknown vehicle. Victim vehicle was disable but legally parked.

0945 hrs Disorderly/ 8500 Legation Rd/ Caller stated parents were arguing while the kids were playing a football game. Officers arrived on scene and there were no parents arguing at the time.

1116 hrs School Alarm/ 7101 Goodluck Rd/ Students from Parkdale Pep Rally set the alarm off by accident.

1220 hrs Disorderly/ 6100 Blk 84th Ave/ Mother was advised on the legal process of eviction.

1234 hrs Accident/ 7700 Blk Riverdale Rd/ Caller stuck a parked vehicle. Caller vehicle was disable and towed.

1247 hrs Mps/ 5200 Blk 85th Ave/ Caller alleged a sex crime had occurred outside of the city. Caller refused to be transported to dist 3 for interview and the hospital for an examination. Caller then met the criteria for EPS. PG County Sex CID, NCPD 3 were notified.

1512 hrs Check Welfare/ 5400 Blk  85th Ave/ Caller wanted officers to check on her father, officers were cancel prior to arrival.

1652 hrs Suicide/ 6600 Blk Adrian St/ Caller stated his brother was tearing the house up and carrying a saw around, while attempting to kill his self. The brother was located without the weapon and transported to the hospital for EPS. 

1856 Disorderly/ 7731 Riverdale Rd.-Girls trying to fight were GOA

2034 Hit and Run/ 8401 Carrollton Pkwy incident happened outside jurisdiction.

2055 Premise Check/ 8100 Annapolis Rd- Business was closing, Lot was clear

2135 Commercial Alarm/ 8301 Annapolis Rd. Store Personnel failed to lock the front door

2225 Vandalism to Auto/ 5300 Blk 85th Ave.-Unknown Suspect damaged the victims vehicle and fled prior to arrival

2309 Premise Check/ 8301 Annapolis Rd. store Manager locked the store prior to our arrival.

2342 Disorderly 7800 Blk Riverdale Rd. tow company was impounding and the vehicle owner refused to pay drop fee. Incident was settled on scene.

2358 CDS Complaint/ 8500 Annapolis RD #617 No CDS Parties advised

Oct 25

0042 Suspicious OCC vehicle/ 6400 Blk Lamont Dr. vehicle was GOA

0104 Suspicious OCC vehicle/ 6400 Blk 85th people just talking, they were advised

0221 Premise Check/ 5315 85th Ave Complexes were clear

0426 Disorderly 6012 84th Ave-Problem half was GOA

0613 hrs Lost Property/ 6016 Princess Garden Pkwy/ Caller advised she lost her wallet inside of shoppers.

1126 hrs Property Damage/ 5448 85th Ave/ Caller vehicle was damaged by unknown means.

1205 hrs Disorderly/ 5401 85th Ave/ Caller gave the wrong apartment number, no answer on call back.

1405 hrs Theft/ 7523 Riverdale Rd/ Theft occurred outside of the city.

1449 hrs Residential Alarm/ 6618 Adrian St/ Activated by unknown means, everything checked ok.

1500 hrs Assist/ Goodluck Rd/ @ Jodie St/ Officers assisted with transport to doctor hospital.

1542 hrs Property Damage/ 7315 Gavin St/ Caller vehicle was damaged by unknown means.

1605 hrs Disorderly/ 5412 85th Ave/ Caller advised her neighbor was making to much noise, nothing found.

1717 hrs Commercial Alarm/8435 Annapolis Rd/ Activated by unknown means, everything checked ok.

1915 Hrs Premise Check/ 5312 85th Ave. Area was clear

1920 Hrs Disorderly Arrest/ 8433 Annapolis Rd. Arrestee caused a disturbance inside the T/A. after making contact, the suspect made several threats to Officers, failed to listen to commands and was arrested

2001 Hrs Premise Check/ 8003 Quentin St.(to include Carrollton Pkwy) area was clear

2050 Hrs Premise Check/ 8500 Annapolis Rd Business as usual

2250 Premise Check/ 8100 Annapolis Rd. Business closed,lot clear.

2347 Premise Check/ 7790 Riverdale Rd. store Closing

Have a wonderful day!

-Chief Rice

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