Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wednesday March 8th, 2017

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0015 Premise Check/ 8461 Annapolis Rd (7-Eleven) business as usual, no issues reported

0058 Premise Check/ 8101 Annapolis Rd (Dodge) business was closed, no foot/ vehicle traffic on the premises

0120 Premise Check/ 6400 blk Lamont Dr no issues observed, vehicle traffic was light

0200 Premise Check/ 5500 blk Karen Elaine Drive no issues observed, area was quiet

0230 Premise Check/ 8461 Annapolis Rd (7-Eleven) business as usual, no issues reported

0315 Premise Check/ 85th Ave Apts area was clear, no foot traffic or suspicious activity observed

0500 Premise Check/ 5800 blk Westbrook Drive area was clear

0700 hrs., School Check/ Lamont Elem, check clear.

0730 hrs., Residential Check/ 5300-5400 Blk of 85th Ave., citizen complaints of suspicious activity at the location. An area check was conducted with nothing found.

0815 hrs., School Check/ Robert Frost Elem, check clear.

1130 hrs., Accident/ 8400 Blk Annapolis Rd/ Metro van was involved in a hit in run in the parking lot. As officers were taken information, Metro employee stated Metro Transit Police was en-route to take the accident report.

1240 hrs., Burglary/ 5300 Blk 85th Ave/ Suspect gained entry into the victim house by unknown means while they were sleeping in a bedroom. There were no signs of forced entry and suspect stole property. NCPD CID was notified and responded.

1320 hrs., Accident/ 8494 Annapolis Rd/ Unit-1 struck Unit-2 and fled the scene, no injuries and minor damages.

1405 hrs., Family Dispute/ 8200 Blk Legation Rd/ Caller stated her adult daughter will not leave the house and she continue to disrespect her. The daughter wouldn't came out from her bedroom to talk to officers and the mother was advised on the process of eviction.

1552 hrs., Premise Check/ 8445 Annapolis Rd/ All clear.

1630 hrs., Premise Check/ 7700 Blk Riverdale Rd/ All clear.

1700 hrs., Premise Check/ 7600 Blk Fontainbleau Dr/ All clear.

1730 hrs., Premise Check/ 7790 Riverdale Rd/ All clear.

1740 hrs., Domestic/ 5500 Blk Karen Elaine Dr/ No domestic, caller left out of the house on his on will and he stated he didn't need the police.

1850 Premise Check/ 85th Ave Apts no issues observed, residents were arriving home from work. No suspicious activity observed

1915 Premise Check/ 8500 Annapolis Rd (Complex) business as usual, no suspicious activity. Ihop had an extremely busy evening due to its promotion

2015 Premise Check/ 8461 Annapolis Rd (7-Eleven) no issues reported by staff, business as usual

2100 Accident/ 8433 Annapolis Rd parties exchanged information with the assistance of police

2140 Premise Check/ 5500 blk Karen Elaine Dr no issues observed while officers canvassed the area

2305 Premise Check/ 8300 blk Annapolis Rd all business were closed with the exception of Wendy'a and Shell

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