Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Have a Great Day!

Good Morning New Carrollton,

Please keep in mind that The Pope is in Washington D.C and that traffic may be more heavy then normal. Please be patient and stay safe.

Daily Events 

*** Please be advised. These are not all calls our Officers run on any given day. These are ones we feel are of importance to our community.

0654 hrs Theft from Auto/ 6600 Ian St/ Suspect stole property from victim vehicle.

0738 hrs Premise Check/ 7710 Riverdale Rd/ All Clear

0851 hrs Premise Check/ 8211 Annapolis Rd/ All Clear.

0920 hrs Premise Check/ 5400 Blk 85th Ave/ All Clear.

0948 hrs Unknown Trouble/ 5400 85th Ave/ Caller stated several women were sleeping in the basement. Officers checked the area with negative results.

1012 hrs Premise Check/ New Carrollton Metro Station/ All Clear.

1017 hrs 911 Hang Up/ 6003 87th Ave/ Accidentally by home owner's child.

1029 hrs Premise Check/ Carrollton Elementary School/ All Clear.

1131 hrs Premise Check/ 5400 Blk 85th Ave/ All Clear.

1316 hrs Occupied Vehicle/ 8400 Annapolis Rd/ Officers conducted a premise check smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from an idle vehicle. The occupants were detained and vehicle searched with negative results.

1411 hrs Stolen Vehicle/ 8600 Annapolis Rd/ Vehicle towed and owner was advised.

1540 hrs 911 Hang Up 5300 blk 85th Ave/ Officers checked the whole building but didn't have an apartment from the call taker. Everything checked ok.

1549 hrs Burglary/ 8100 blk Gavin St/ Suspect broke into victim house and stole property, CID were notified and responded to the scene. 

1618 hrs Premise Check/ 8494 Annapolis Rd/ All Clear.

1622 hrs Accident/ Annapolis Rd @ Beltway/ County School Bus, handled by county.

1635 hrs Departmental Accident/ 8100 blk Gavin St/ Driver struck a department vehicle while attempting to reverse out of his drive way. No injuries and Command staff notified.

1711 hrs Landlord and Tenant Dispute/ 7700 blk Riverdale Rd/ All parties were advised the eviction process.

1834 hrs Premise Check/ 5400 85th Ave./ All Clear.

1841 hrs Premise Check/ 8400 Annapolis Rd./ All Clear.

1859 hrs Premise Check/ Carrollton Pkwy & Farmcrest Dr./ All Clear.

1924 hrs Assist PGFD/ 5300 blk 85th Ave./ Complainant said she was locked out and left her stove on./ PGFD and officers responded, and determined no fire had occurred. Property maintenance was on scene to assist the resident with securing the home.

2048 hrs Premise Check/ 5400 Blk 85th Ave./ All Clear.

2054 hrs Premise Check/ Gavin St. & Sara St.

2118 hrs Assist PGPD/ Annapolis Rd. & Finns Ln (KFC)/ Officers assisted PGPD with a citizen robbery, all subjects were apprehended. No further services were needed.

2232 hrs Suspicious Subj. Arrest/ 6100 Blk Lamont Dr./ Officer on patrol observed a suspicious vehicle in the area, upon approach one occupant exited the vehicle and fled on foot, officers gave chase and the subject was ultimately placed under arrest.

2333 hrs Stolen Veh./ 7900 blk Legation Rd./ Complainant said her vehicle was stolen./ Officers responded and determined the vehicle had been impounded for a parking violation.

2333 hrs Child Neglect/ 7700 blk Riverdale Rd./ Complainant said his wife left his children home alone./ Officers responded spoke with the complainant who subsequently refused any police assistance. 

0040 hrs 911 Hangup/ 5300 blk 85th Ave./ Officers canvased the area with no disturbance being found.

0209 hrs Premise Check/ 8100 Annapolis Rd./ All Clear.

0241 hrs Assist PGPD/ 7600 Annapolis Rd. West Lanham Fire House/ Officers responded to assist PGPD with a fight at the fire station./ A canvass was done and no fight was observed.

0256 hrs Premise Check/ 8100 Annapolis Rd./ All Clear.

0416 hrs Premise Check/ 5400 Blk 85th Ave./ All Clear.

Upcoming Events!

ARTOMATIC is coming to October 30 - December 12, 2015!

This 6-week event will bring 70,000+ visitors to New Carrollton and we are thrilled to step up and showcase all that new Carrollton has to offer!

Like the NCBA Facebook page and follow the Twitter feed for up-to-the-minute details. Link your social media accounts to the Artomatic website and spread the word!

There will be sponsorship and marketing opportunities available to New Carrollton businesses. Contact Susan Hartmann ( if you are interested in learning more. If you are interested in catering or selling food at the festival, contact me ASAP.

 More details to follow! In the meantime, think about possible specialseventsand decorations you can do during the festival!

Have a great day!

-Chief Rice

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