Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wednesday February 24, 2016

Daily Events


0530 Premise Check/ 5400 85th Ave area was clear

0547 Premise Check/ 5500 blk Karen Elaine Drive area was clear

0725 Premise Check/ 7101 Good Luck Road area was clear

0750 Premise Check/ 6130 Lamont Drive area was clear

0948 Premise Check/ 8100 Annapolis Road area was clear

1003 Premise Check/ 8211 Annapolis Road area was clear

1113 Threat Complaint/ 7600 Blk Fontainebleau Dr  child custody dispute, disturbing party was not on scene. 

1115 Premise Check/ 8494 Annapolis Road business as usual

1137 Fight/ 6200 Blk 85th Place victim was assaulted by homeowner. The victims injuries were minor, and was advised to seek charges 

1447 Theft/ 7786 Riverdale Road unknown male suspect entered store and stole merchandise

1503 MPS/ 5500 Blk Karen Elaine Drive bus dropped kids off and no one was at the residence. Mother was located and responded to the scene 

1615 Premise Check/ 8500 Annapolis Road business as usual

1655 Premise Check/ 8437 Annapolis Road business as usual

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